Kingsgate Collective

Kingsgate Collective brings together a group of six independent contemporary ceramicists, both established and emerging, under the guidance of Chris Bramble from Kingsgate studios in London.

The functional and sculptural works on display at Artefact use a mix of stoneware and porcelain clays, and glazes made at the studio. Each take their own cultural references demonstrating craftsmanship in its finest form, sharing a compassion of nature at the heart. The show features the work of Chris Bramble, Cecilia Trollby, Ioana Miller, Suzi Jonker, Shailja Sharma and Freya Bramble-Carter.


Ground Floor, Design Avenue

+44 (0)793 222 7139
[email protected]

'Fullness' figurative lidded jar, 3 parts; bowl, lid, lucie rie white glaze, vessel, stoneware clay by Chris Bramble
'Saguaro Vase I II & III' vases, Transparent grey, Tenmoku & Rutile, Glaze, Metallic Lustres, Vulcan black clay by Cecilia Trollby
'Infinity Swan' vase, glossy white glaze with iron red and cobalt blue oxides, stoneware clay by Freya Bramble-Carter
'Journey To Moon' vase, slips with gold lustre, crank clay by Shailja Sharma
'Karoo crown' vase, White stoneware, black and white slip, woven reeds and seagrass by Suzi Jonker
'Nesting' bowl, white glaze, porcelain by Ioana Miller