Katie Jones

With three decades of experience, and annual travel to Japan to cultivate her passion, Katie Jones is privileged to work with the best of today’s generation of Japanese applied artists.

The artistic invention and technical achievement of contemporary Japanese applied arts is astonishing, and the dedication of its practitioners in the pursuit of excellence builds on a long tradition of craftsmanship unmatched anywhere else. The gallery represents artists working in ceramic, metal, textile, bamboo, lacquer and glass.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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Three Legs Shakudo Vessel’ sculpture, hammer raised patinated shakudo (1% gold) by Koichi Io
Yobitsugi 'Kakkaku' (Glorious), glass and silver leaf by Yukito Nishinaka
Pointed vases, enamel, copper, aluminium and gold by Hiroki Iwata
'Musubi-yama’ sculpture, urushi lacquer by Fumie Sasai
'Okusozakkuri', indigo dyed hemp by Shihoko Fukumoto
‘Choto (Listening to the Waves)’ sculpture, stoneware by Takayuki Sakiyama