Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022, jaggedart is renowned for its unique and very definite style, showcasing beautiful, intricate and sophisticated works of art.

The gallery focuses on three-dimensional works made from ceramic, grasses, wood, paper, books, maps or textiles, all used in innovative ways. Time is of the essence to make these works – whether it is for the growing of grasses, the hand-cutting of paper, layering, stitching, printing or giving form – and the artists’ knowledge of materials, skills and craftsmanship results in poetic and organic pieces.

Listen to the collection highlights below:

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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Gold 1, sculpted 100% cotton paper and gold leaf, 37 x 37 cm, by Lis Costa
Black Drift, porcelain, 40 x 40 cm by Valeria Nascimento
Wall Series Porcelain. Plinth made from porcelain remnants splashed on studio wall and accumulated during 25 years, by Alison Gautrey
Silhouette Repose, coloured slip, hand cut enamel transfer on earthenware. 50 x 20 cm, by Charlotte Hodes
HEISEI 2(Tranquility 2) Hawthorn twigs, Beech twig, black waxed linen twine, gold leaf. 77cm dia x 20cm, by Kazuhito Takadoi
Recording cut out paper from travel book, 'Voyage in the Sunbeam' by Mrs Brassey, 1876. 60 x 60 cm, by Thurle Wright