Established in 2002 and based in a gallery off Marylebone High Street, Jaggedart is renowned for its unique and very definite style, showcasing beautiful, intricate and sophisticated works of art.

The gallery focuses on three-dimensional works made from ceramic, grasses, wood, paper, books, maps or textiles, all used in innovative ways. Time is of the essence – whether it is for the growing of grasses, the hand-cutting of paper or the making of the works – and the artists’ knowledge of materials, skills and craftsmanship results in stimulating, organic and timeless pieces.

Listen to the collection highlights below:

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

+44 (0)20 7486 7374
[email protected]

'Hayashi (Woodland) 5' (detail), green grass, twigs and gold leaf on Japanese handmade paper, by Kazuhito Takadoi
'Flora', porcelain, by Valéria Nascimento
'Passion Flower', papercut, by Charlotte Hodes
'Standing Jar', burnished sycamore, by Forest + Found
'Tapestry Tales', pages from Arnold Bennet's novel The Old Wives' Tale and tea on tapestry net, by Thurle Wright
Shintou (osmosis) 2, Hawthorn twigs and black and white linen twine by Kazuhito Takadoi