Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Cynthia Corbett Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery representing a number of established American, British and European artists whose works have been published and acquired by international museums and institutions.

Its Artefact debut curation will comprise artworks by ceramicist Albert Montserrat, and ceramic and textile artist, curator and art historian Matt Smith. It will also feature stunning artworks by Chris Antemann, artist-in-residence at the Messen porcelain factory since 2010, and colourful, innovative and expressive installations by Klari Reis.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

+44 (0)7939 085076
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'Hypochondria Exploding 30 Pieces', Mixed media by Klari Reis
'The Lemon Chandelier', Meissen porcelain by Chris Antemann
'The Hunter', black parian and porcelain by Matt Smith