155A Gallery

Established 2018 in Dulwich, 155A Gallery showcases contemporary artists from the UK and overseas. Thoughtfully curated artworks reflect exceptional sensitivity and understanding of material and process felt by each artist. The gallery hosts rotating exhibitions and shows at selected fairs, and its owner, Karen Akhtar, holds experience and welcomes opportunities to collaborate on unique projects.

At Artefact, the objects and drawings on show will reveal the hidden detail that arises from the careful and slow act of sight and touch.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

+44 (0)7930 340092

'Assemblage' wall sculpture, reclaimed ceramic, Robert Cooper
'Mass' sculpture pair, ceramic, Jim Gladwin
'Constructed Form' sculpture, white, ceramic, Derek Wilson
'Deuce 7' vessel, stoneware, Dan Kelly
'Dimple' bowl, blue, patinated silver plate, Adi Toch
'Ginger Jar and Rice Bowl' drawing, charcoal, Jason Line