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Fantasy Worlds

Dedar initially worked with French illustrators Icinori during the spring of 2020, commissioning the studio to create a series of illustrations called Minutes, released every weekend on social media, that captured the meaningful moments we had, until then, taken for granted – dancing with friends, shopping and picnicking. Now, the partnership has continued with two new designs for fabric and wallcoverings.

‘Altronde’ (above left) is a textile-backed wallcovering featuring a whimsical depiction of an ideal city, with intertwining scenes of steps, arches and slender trees, all with a subtle texture thanks to its linen composition. ‘This Must Be The Place’ (above right) is chinoiserie-inspired, with weeping willows, birds and mysterious temples, available in a wallcovering or a very finely woven jacquard that allows all the detail of Icinori’s imagination to come to life – a testament to the skill of Dedar’s incredible expertise with textiles.

Dedar, Ground Floor, Design Centre East

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