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Couture For The Home

The Academy Awards is the ultimate Hollywood event. On Sunday, the A-list elite flocked to the 91st glittering affair to celebrate the most talented stars in their field. And while there is huge interest in award winners, there is no denying the magnificent gowns get a huge amount of attention. The crossover between fashion and design is undeniable with many international design houses drawing inspiration from what they have seen on the red carpet. But the interiors luxury market is also taking key values from haute couture – creativity, craftsmanship and technical ability – and applying them to the home.

It is all about the maker’s passion and curiosity, the ability to see the potential of materials – all to achieve something extraordinary. This takes expertise, attention to detail, respect for artisan processes, openness to innovation and a willingness to invest in time to get it right. We call it ‘couture for the home’.