Design Centre Stories

Channelling the Masters

Art history’s greatest names have long been a source of inspiration in design, with inventive results that channel the spirit and ideas of the original masters rather than borrowing directly. Paolo Moschino at Nicholas Haslam Ltd’s slender ‘Nicolae’ floor lamps (pictured top) are made from layers of chalky white plaster, a material favoured by masters such as Giacometti and Serge Roche. Manuel Canovas has looked to the colour sensibility of Henri Matisse, and his maxim: “Colour exists in itself, possessing its own beauty.” Pictured (centre) are ‘Mona’, a vivid embroidery (on curtains), ‘Vence’, a wool-mix stripe (on cushion), and ‘Castillon’ embroidery (on footstool), all from Colefax and Fowler. Esti Barnes of Topfloor by Esti was inspired by the father of op-art, Victor Vasarely, for a new rug collection: ‘Emboss’ (pictured bottom) harnesses the artist’s use of geometric patterns and colour gradation to achieve a similarly three-dimensional effect.

Paolo Moschino at Nicholas Haslam Ltd
Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome
Topfloor by Esti, Second Floor, South Dome

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