Design Centre Stories

Canvas of Creativity

Specially commissioned for London Design Week 2018, the Centre Dome’s Canvas of Creativity installation features whimsical oversized brushes, painting giant swoops of pattern and colour in the air. Symbolising growth, vitality and the rise of creative expression, the installation was conceived by Arabella McNie, and contrasts brilliantly with the building’s modern architecture.

Nine playful patterns have been used: ‘Navarra’ by Kohro from Altfield; ‘Midsummer’ by Sheila Coombes from Brian Yates; ‘Navarra Zagabria’ by Kohro from Altfield; ‘Acquerello’ by Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli from Rubelli/Donghia; ‘Charmille’ by Camengo for Casamance, from Colony; ‘Horizont’ by Etamine from Zimmer + Rohde; ‘Paradiso’ from Zimmer + Rohde; ‘Andrea’ from Pierre Frey; and ‘Open Spaces’ by Thibaut from Jacaranda Carpets.

The complementary trims on each paintbrush are ‘Brielle’, ‘Talia’, ‘Tenga’, ‘Sloane’, ‘Le Soir’ and ‘Skylar’ from Samuel & Sons and ‘Oceanie’ by Houlès, while the spring-like paint colours on the brush-handles all come courtesy of Sanderson at Style Library.

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