Design Centre Stories

All in the Mix

This year, it’s all about a sophisticated cosmopolitan charm, with some eclectic touchpoints when it comes to inspiration. Layers of vibrant colour and rich materials speak of history, travel and craftsmanship.

‘Captain’s Chair’ upholstered in (94-557) fabric and ‘Irish’ stool upholstered in (94-561) fabric, Baker. ‘Artisan Cushion’ (2786-02), Sahco. ‘Honoré’ dining table, Oficina Inglesa Furniture. ‘Blob’ lamp, evergreen, with ‘BGL’ ‘Bongo’ shade, Porta Romana. ‘Mad Floral’ rug, Tim Page Carpets. Fabric in frames from left: ‘Runway’ (4228 0430), Casamance at Colony. ‘Ndebeles’ (FP546001), argile, Pierre Frey. ‘Uluru Tirelle’ (10788.27/T1), Nobilis. Fabric in background: ‘Palazzo’ (10791.70), Nobilis. Fabric on carpet bag ‘Zimbabwe’ (F3356001), Pierre Frey; Handles: ‘Cyclus’ tie backs (P076-04) and (P076-05), Sahco. Trim: ‘Chevallerie’ scalloped tassel fringe (TF-58300), Bordeaux and ‘Chevallerie’ braid, (GB-58296), Bordeaux, Samuel & Sons. Wallcovering on main wall: ‘rich multi (114/13025), rich multi, Cole & Sons. Wallcovering on right wall: ‘Cord Wall’ (50060 518), Zimmer + Rohde. Wallcovering on trunk: ‘Pretoria’, (FP542), indigo, Pierre Frey. Wall panelling: ‘Georgian Panels’, Lincrusta; painted in: ‘Harbour Blue’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on left wall: ‘Poison’, Zoffany at Style Library. Paint on door frames: ‘Wild Plum Light’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on left frame: ‘Lazuli’, Zoffany at Style Library. Paint on back wall: ‘Koi Carp’, Zoffany at Style Library. Flooring: ‘Chequerboard’, royal mink and limestone, Artisans de Devizes

Background: ‘Solstice’ fabric (10789.70), Nobilis. From left to right: ‘Chiselled’ fabric, merlot, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex. (DK-9504-225) door knob, SA Baxter Architectural Hardware. ‘Steppe’ carpet, peridot and ‘Quantum 14’ carpet, fuchsia, both Wool Classics. ‘Chevallerie’ scalloped tassel fringe’ (TF-58300), Bordeaux, Samuel & Sons. ‘Paint Box’ fabric (FD313.T20) teal/spice, Mulberry Home. ‘Lazuli’ paint, Zoffany and ‘Wild Plum Light’ paint, Sanderson, both at Style Library. ‘Swank’ fabric (K2221/4), jasper, Knoll Luxe at StudioTex. ‘Brick’ fabric (10790.51) magenta, Nobilis. ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ fabric (T18011/005), malachite, Dedar. ‘Canfield Stripe’ fabric (1711-02), aubergine, Blithfield at Lewis & Wood. ‘Winoy Bronze’ finish, Espresso Design. ‘Koi Carp’ and ‘Poison’ paints, Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Vancouver’ leather (VAN429), oceanic and ‘Bilbao’leather (BLB233), Bordeaux, Whistler Leather