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Creature Comforts

Ailanto Design has launched a collection of children’s wallcoverings, available at George Spencer Designs. The brand is a window on the world of co-founder Amanda Ferragamo, whose illustrations are the starting point for every product, including these three imaginative new creations.

‘Angkor Wat’ (above left) is a crossover design that can work in an adult or children’s space: it depicts the legendary Cambodian temple complex surrounded by triumphant elephants, scattering monkeys and hot-air balloons floating in to the sky. ‘Coco’s Bunnies’ (above centre) was drawn by Ferragamo from life, using her granddaughter’s pet rabbits as life models; and ‘Woodland Squirrels’ (above right) shows red squirrels darting among oak trees. Like the most captivating children’s designs, the detail unfolds before you: from a hungry caterpillar inching its way towards a tasty cabbage to a pair of kissing squirrels, the more you look, the more you see.

George Spencer Designs, Third Floor, Design Centre East