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Artful Interiors

Italian design house Agena is a new brand to be discovered at Jason D’Souza. The 50-year-old company’s current portfolio includes several designs influenced by art history, with a broad range of references that showcases Agena’s free-thinking approach.

Keith Haring was the inspiration behind ‘Grafica’ (above left), whose contour lines recall the work of the 1980s pop-art legend; the fabric is made from Trevira and is therefore fire retardant. Spooling back a few decades, ‘Il Bacio’ (above right) is named after Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss; shot through with shimmering gold, silver or bronze, the fabric’s irregular blocky design is taken from the opulent robes that the male figure wears in Klimt’s iconic painting.

Alongside Agena, Jason D’Souza represents several other prestigious Italian brands, including Decobel, renowned for its rich and sumptuous velvets, and Giardini Wallcoverings, which specialises in innovative textile wallcoverings.

Jason D’Souza, First Floor, Centre Dome