Design Centre Stories

Modern Folklore

A Rum Fellow’s Kindred fabrics, and exclusive collaboration with George Spencer Designs, are billed as “tribal textiles for the 21st century”. To create the collection, A Rum Fellow’s co-founder Caroline Lindsell was as much inspired by her urban life as her own travels, which include time spent in Central America working with artisan communities to develop the brand’s highly regarded woven textiles.

Kindred marks a distinct departure from these hallmark weaves, however: with the help of George Spencer Designs’ expertise, this is the first time A Rum Fellow has used printed techniques, including woodblock, screen printing and etched rotary printing. However, with their folk-inspired geometric motifs, the five new fabrics – ‘Anusi’, ‘Brakka’, ‘Kasma’, ‘Nikal’, and ‘Pumori’ – still carry the brand’s distinct character and soul.

The textiles are related by colour, so can be used to create a layered look that plays with different scale and pattern, and come in three weights, all suitable for upholstery, curtains and cushions.

George Spencer Designs, Third Floor, Design Centre East