Design Centre Guide AW18 Issue

Positivity is at the heart of the AW18 Design Centre Guide: of the tastemakers and influencers we admire, the luxury brands we love, the designs that inspire
us. It was ever thus at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour – as a global hub that champions creativity – but our confident approach is, perhaps, more important than ever in a changing world. In the following pages – showcasing the most beautiful of the new-season collections, the brightest and best of world-class talent – there is a particular vibrancy that resonates. Enjoyment is better shared; which is also why this edition of The Guide is brimming with ways to experience design together. With an undeniable momentum, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has its eye on the future. Design Centre East has grown to include over 40 showrooms and work is progressing well on the Design Avenue and Design Centre North. In the domes, the third floor is gaining additional space to welcome more showrooms. As we grow, we evolve, and yet remain forever the compass point for international design.