Design Centre Guide AW17 Issue

Welcome to the Design Centre Guide AW17 issue, the ultimate guide to the world’s premier design destination. Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has long been a catalyst of creative connections, and we’re celebrating why it feels good to keep in touch. In fact, notions of harmony are woven throughout this issue’s features – from design collaborations to the importance of wellbeing at home and in hotels. With 120 showrooms (many in Design Centre East) and over 600 brands, there’s a wealth of expertise on every floor and ways to experience the best in design up close. ‘New & Now’ looks at the benefits of navigating the digital space alongside the concrete – the clicks as well as the bricks. Sharing ideas and generating a deeper understanding of design are at the heart of it all. Further expansion is on the horizon too, with a landmark building project that will cement the sense of community that is already one of our greatest strengths. Proof that real style always has room to grow.

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