Design Centre Stories

It Takes Two…

Magic can be made when different creative forces come together. Home to more than 600 international brands, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour cultivates an inspiring collaborative environment. Many interior brands are built on traditional values that are simultaneously adventurous, adaptable and outward-facing.

Take Lewis & Wood who has recently teamed up with collector and design maverick Totty Lowther to create the ‘Pomegranate’ fabrics and wallpapers. The genesis was a fragment of French 18th century Indienne block print cotton. The result was a fusion of an Oriental pattern with a European damask tradition. “I’m really a painter who cannot paint, so I express myself through colour, textile, print and composition, and working with Lewis & Wood on the reinvention of ‘Pomegranate’ has been a joy,” says Totty.

Famed for his elegant and opulent interiors, Persian-born Alidad has an inimitable way with luxurious fabrics, rich hues, pattern and antiques. Working closely with Tim Page Carpets has engendered a collection of geometric rugs in wool, jute and cotton that reflect his unique approach.

From the USA, SA Baxter Design Studio & Foundry recently collaborated with New York interior designer Sara Story to launch Center Point, a new hardware collection. The mix of contemporary streamlined shapes and organic textures worked well with SA Baxter’s forward-thinking design aesthetic, while respecting classic details.