SUNDAY 12 MARCH, 11.30am – 12.30pm

FROM THINKING TO MAKING, Hosted by Homes & Gardens, In association with BIID

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Be inspired by renowned experts including interior and fabric designer Penny Morrison and Zoffany’s head of studio Peter Gomez and embroidery designer Victoria Bain they share secrets about their unique worlds of creativity. Get the inside track on their design narrative - how a product comes about, what materials are used, how they are made and ultimately used in decorative schemes. Chaired by editor Deborah Barker. Book Ticket  £10


SUNDAY 12 MARCH, 3pm – 4pm

LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS, Hosted by Country Life

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Everyone seeks inspiration from iconic figures, both past and present – for creative guidance or for ways in which they have built their careers. Stephen Lewis of Lewis & Wood and interior designers Henriette Von Stockhausen and Bunny Turner explore what they have learned from their aesthetic heroes who have influenced their life and work. Chaired by interiors editor Giles Kime. Followed by drinks in Lewis & Wood. Book Ticket £10


TUESDAY 14 MARCH, 11:30am - 12:30pm

DESIGNING DIFFERENCE, Hosted by FT How to Spend It

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Artist and recipient of the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon prize Rita Parniczky, textile sculptor Helen Amy Murray and Anna Garner, founder of The Garnered, discuss the importance of individuality in an increasingly homogenous world. How do makers create work that stands out and speaks to the contemporary consumer? From hi-tech materials to cutting edge techniques via traditional craft skills, expect insights into work that goes far beyond the usual references. Chaired by writer and journalist Charlotte Abrahams. Book Ticket £10


TUESDAY 14 MARCH, 3pm – 4pm

LESSONS IN GOOD MANORS, Hosted by House & Garden

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

With its pleasing symmetry and proportion, the appeal of Georgian architecture is an enduring one. Features director David Nicholls talks to Christopher Boyle QC, chairman of The Georgian Group, about how the organisation is dedicated to preserving historic buildings that adher to classical rules. Expect some personal insights, too. Christopher’s passion for Georgian architecture includes renovating his own house and gardens at Kirklinton Hall, Cumbria. Book Ticket  £10


WEDNESDAY 15 MARCH, 11.30am – 12.30pm


Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

In an increasingly competitive market, hotels are re-examining their reliance on designing for traditional socio-demographic groups. A panel of experts - Cristina Laurijssen of Rosewood Hotel Group, John Paul Pederson of Wimberly Interiors and Stuart Pannell of Yotel - discuss the study of personality, attitudes and lifestyles as a tool for designing new hotels. Chaired by assistant editor Molly Dolan.  Book Ticket  £10




Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

The real currency of our time isn’t money. It’s ideas. You’re surrounded by ideas. Films, products, books, music, money, messages, services and everything in your culture began life as a vision in someone’s head. If you have ideas, you’re at the heart of things. But how do you become an ‘ideas’ person? Rod Judkins, accomplished lecturer at Central St Martins, has spoken on the subject of creativity at universities and to businesses around the world. Join him to find out more. Book Ticket £10

THURSDAY 16 MARCH, 11.30m – 12.30pm


Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Join Jinny Blom for an unique analysis into her creative process. The prolific designer and landscape architect has designed more than 250 gardens around the world, all created thoughtfully and gradually. From intelligent planting and craftsmanship to a deep understanding of the landscape, expect insights into work that has both substance and flair. Chaired by Tim Richardson, author and The Telegraph’s garden columnist. Book Ticket  £10


THURSDAY 16 MARCH, 3pm – 4pm


Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Join renowned interior designers Tara Bernerd, Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works and Alistair Hughes of Savoir Beds as they discuss the secrets of good design. Revealing fascinating insights about their ever-evolving creative process, find out whether it is an exact science or something more intuitive. Chaired by editor Suzanne Imre. Followed by drinks in the Savoir Beds showroom. Book Ticket £10


FRIDAY 17 MARCH, 11:30am - 12:30pm

STYLE WITH SCENT, Hosted by Tatler

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

Join Emma South of Jo Malone London and discover how to style your home with scent. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful evokers of memory and emotion. Transform any room for any occasion with candles, elegant diffusers and room sprays. Because the ambience of your home should be as inviting as the fragrance on your skin. Introduced by fashion and beauty executive editor Mariella Tandy. Book Ticket £10


FRIDAY 17 MARCH, 12pm - 1pm

DISCOVERY TRAIL, Hosted by ELLE Decoration

Cafe, Second Floor, Design Centre East

Join deputy editor Ben Spriggs for a unique discovery trail of Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Get an insider’s view of some of the biggest names in the industry and their key pieces as he tours his favourite showrooms. Limited spaces availableBook Ticket  £10

FRIDAY 17 MARCH, 2.30pm – 3.30pm

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, In association with BADA

Design Club, Third Floor, South Dome

How can design from many eras come together to create vibrant, relevant spaces for the modern age? Exploring the merits of an eclectic aesthetic are three highly respected names: antique dealer and decorator Robert Young, and interior designers Simon Rawlings of David Collins Studio and Nina Hertig of Sigmar. Expect insights on why everything has its place – from folk art and vernacular furniture to mid-century modern – and how to juxtapose different styles in inspiring ways. Chaired by creative director and interiors editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid. Book Ticket  £10